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Drawing on experience in the health and social care sector, NHS project and programme management and GP federations, KERA Consultancy Ltd collaborates with key stakeholders facilitating positive change.

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At KERA Consultancy Ltd., we are committed to providing personalized care training and creating safe spaces for individuals to learn, share knowledge, and find guidance. Our dedicated team, led by Managing Director David Cowan, works tirelessly to transform healthcare, reduce conflicts, and support power imbalances within organizations. We believe in giving everyone a voice and strive to motivate and mobilize the workforce at all…


Drawing on our expertise in the not-for-profit sector, NHS project and programme management, and GP federations, KERA Consultancy Ltd is dedicated to fostering collaboration with key stakeholders, enabling transformative change. Our innovative approach empowers organizations to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive meaningful impact. With a creative mindset, we deliver unique solutions tailored to your….


With a passion for driving impactful change, KERA Consultancy Ltd thrives on harnessing its expertise in the not-for-profit sector, NHS project and programme management, and GP federations. By fostering collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders, we pave the way for positive transformations. Trust us to elevate your organization’s potential and manifest real progress.

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Building consensus and facilitating change together…

How can we help you?

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Drawing on experience in the not-for-profit sector, NHS project and programme management and GP federations, KERA Consultancy Ltd collaborates with key stakeholders facilitating positive change. Drawing on experience in the not-for-profit sector, NHS project and programme management and GP federations, KERA Consultancy Ltd collaborates with key stakeholders facilitating positive change.

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How Can We Help You?

KERA aim to support Health and Care Organisations to provide more sustainable services in line with best practice guidance and encourage champion roles to develop the workforce and provide further sustainability. We aim to build an organisation that has a legacy in creating learning within organisations, sharing of best practice and working with people to facilitate change. 

Care Navigation Training

Using our tried and tested approach, our core requirement for our Care Navigation Training packages include, developing your DoS and using the DoS pathways in your bespoke training programme for your whole PCN or NHS place. Using our tried and tested approach we will ensure we have specific pathways to train your reception team to use following the training. This will form the basis of a PCN or place wide DoS incorporating anything you have locally collated. We will guide you through developing a DoS, based on our standardised approach. There will be a need to revisit this DoS from time to time provide a training support offer for one lead trainer at the PCN or can increase this based on number of PCNs required in each NHS place. 

Level 3 Social Prescribing Qualification

At KERA Consultancy Ltd., we are proud to offer three units on the Level 3 Social Prescribing Qualification. This comprehensive program equips healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to support patients in navigating the complex healthcare system. There are no specific requirements to study for these qualification but it would be an advantage for learners to have access to a relevant working environment or simulated working environment (Health Care, Social Care, and Voluntary Community Social Enterprise sector). The Level 3 Certificate in Social Prescribing is aimed primarily at those working within or looking to move to a role where elements of social prescribing are used as part of their work.


Welcome to KERA Consultancy Ltd.! We specialize in providing knowledge to guide patients through the complex healthcare system. Format 1.5-2 hours Teams

Understand the problem we are trying to solve. Theoretical frameworks,Best practice resources and guidance, Practical examples involving personalised care roles, Breakout room discussion

Learner engagement and virtual facilitation tools – menti meter and session survey. With our online webinar programme for upto 100 leanrers per event, you can ensure an interactive leanring experience for your worforced development needs.

Coaching Supervision

At KERA Consultancy Ltd., we believe in investing in people and creating sustainable environments and retinaining our workforce. Every Health Coach shoudl be able to access supervision monthly.

What is the need for supervision?

Health Coaches are a non-clinical ARRS role in primary care, providing expertise in behaviour change and support to patients who have (or are at risk of) long term conditions.

[1] https://www.england.nhs.uk/long-read/workforce-development-framework-for-health-and-wellbeing-coaches/

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David Cowan

David Cowan

Drawing on several years experience in the not-for-profit sector, NHS project and programme management, and GP federations; KERA Consultancy Ltd collaborates with key stakeholders to facilitate positive change…

Kate Pearce

Kate Pearce

I’m a highly motivated, business Improvement and Innovation focused Individual who is friendly, enthusiastic and self-motivated in all aspects of work. I have a passion for delivering high…

Dr Caroline Gibson

Dr Caroline Gibson

Dr Gibson MBChB DFSRH MCRGP(2012) DipBSLM/IBLM MInstLM is an experienced GP with nearly 20 years’ experience of working in the NHS, she has a special interest in Lifestyle Medicine and is also a qualified coach…

Executive Assitant

A proactive, efficient and self-motivated Administrative Officer with a proven track record of meeting deadlines and exceeding targets. 

Our Mission

KERA thrives on providing individuals with safe spaces to learn, share knowledge and guidance.

Our mission is to bring people together to help transform health care and provide organisational boundaries. We will work to reduce conflicts and support power imbalances within organisations ‘give everyone a voice’. Many people become unheard within organisations, we continue to work with organisations to motivate and mobilise the workforce to participate, co-develop and have ownership. Our example of this is how Care Navigations success could only be a reality if you involve everyone on all levels, including and most importantly, receptionists. Receptionists were known to have very little say, if any, within the development of patient services however, we encouraged them to be a part of the design.

Reduce health inequalities nationally

Reduce health inequalities nationally

Honest and transparent

Sustainable environments

We’re honest and transparent

We invest in people


What Our Feedback Says

The EQUIP Programme Director Virginia Patania says

David, your leadership and expertise have been invaluable in the development of this team.

Michelle Pilling, Senior Lead Social Prescribing NHS England says

David Cowan has worked alongside the NHS England Social Prescribing team as an expert advisor and Regional Facilitator supporting the implementation and scaling of social prescribing since 2018.  

A highly respected leader within the field of social prescribing and personalised care, David has built a national reputation on authenticity and his willingness to help even with the most challenging of issues.  


Dr Helen Seers, Co-Director, Meaningful Measures Ltd says

“It is great to have a partnership with KERA Consultancy – we loved working collaboratively with this expert team to deliver a great piece of insightful reporting for West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board.”

Kera Consultancy Ltd are excited to be partnering with Meaningful measures who provides innovative person-centred evaluation, audit and research solutions.  Meaningful Measures enable people’s own voices to shape the understanding and improvement of health and wellbeing services around the world.



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