Care Navigation Training Package for NHS Place

Comprehensive Care Navigation Training Packages for NHS Places

Care Navigation Training Package for NHS Place

Using our tried and tested approach, our core requirement for our Care Navigation Training packages include, developing your DoS and using the DoS pathways in your bespoke training programme for your whole PCN or NHS place.

We will ensure we have specific pathways to train your reception team to use following the training. This will form the basis of a PCN or place wide DoS incorporating anything you have locally collated. We will guide you through developing a DoS, based on our standardised approach. There will be a need to revisit this DoS from time to time provide a training support offer for one lead trainer at the PCN or can increase this based on number of PCNs required in each NHS place. We will include an additional reception training session 6-12 months in the future to support a sustainable model.

  • The two-hour webinar will explore what we mean by care navigation and what the barriers to this being an effective tool in practice can be.
  • Webinar hosts share some quick wins on how to approach improving care navigation processes in your practice using QI tools and case studies from sites that have effective care navigation in place.
  • Learn how to measure any time care navigation saves your practice.
  • David Cowan has 10 years of care navigation training experience.
  • David Cowan is a multi award winning trainer on the field of care navigation.
  • Each webinar will provide you with some steps to get started on improving care navigation in practice, and if you want to access further support to improve care navigation in practice you can express interest in a bespoke training package for your practice or PCN.

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How our course will help you, your staff and patients

Our training packages are designed to give you the full benefits of the tried and tested approach and we are keen for the training to be sustainable so believe in investing in one of your local staff members. The teach back and mentoring sessions ensures any new starters are properly trained 6-12 months after the initial training has been completed, and helps your local trainer gain confidence in delivering regular training updates i.e. when new services come online and the DoS is updated.
For the training to be sustainable we suggest this local person be a keen reception care navigator/team leader or someone with experience of training in the PCN, ideally with knowledge of care navigation systems and processes. We can help you identify someone as we progress through the package, as there will often be people who shines and stand out as ideal for this position. You may already have someone in mind.
Reception training would normally take place after the clinician and engagement session so that as many as possible of the PCN team or NHS place understands their role in Care Navigation. The clinician and engagement session is a recommended part of the package and could be planned into a PLT event.

New starters properly trained within 6-12 months


Specific pathways to train your reception team

Revisit this DoS from time to time provide a training support offer for one lead trainer

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?
  • Reception staff
  • Administrative staff
  • Practice managers
  • PCN Managers
  • GPs
Will I receive a copy of the webinar slides?


How long is the course?

1 day course of 1.5-2 hours using Microsoft Teams.

Who are these webinars designed for?

These webinars are designed for healthcare professionals in personalized care roles who work with patients with anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns.

What is the learning experience like?

The webinars are interactive and utilize a mix of presentations, breakout room discussions, and virtual facilitation tools (Mentimeter and session surveys) to keep you engaged.

How many participants are in each webinar?

Up to 100 learners can participate in each webinar.

Who are the presenters?

David Cowan, Managing Director
Kate Pearce, Business Development Manager
Dr. Caroline Gibson, Associate Clinical Lead