Personalised Care

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We aim to find out if the training delivered the support needed and use feedback to improve things for the future. An invaluable piece of work that will inform the system of some real meaningful data. Check out the incredible work that Meaningful Measures Ltd do, including their licenses page!

Meet Kate Pearce – include under meet David Cowan Kera Associate Business Development Manager and Regional PCN Advisor focused on Personalised Care I’m a highly motivated, business Improvement and Innovation focused Individual who is friendly, enthusiastic and self-motivated in all aspects of work.

I have a passion for delivering high quality support services. I am a transparent and flexible individual who has many working styles to meet individual needs. Supporting General Practice, Primary Care Networks and the new developments around ICS and ICPs to support collaboration, integration and patient care – longer term.

From July 2021, working closely with David Cowan, I provide a PCN Advisor role for Personalised Care in Yorkshire and Humber.

From April 2022 this includes North East and North Cumbria Region.

The purpose of the role is to work at Regional levels to support PCNs across the Region in embedding the three personalised care roles and to ensure there is a high quality of care offer across the Region within PCNs.

Supporting PCNs with workforce development

  • Support PCNs in scaling up numbers of PCRs
  • Support PCNs to be set up to develop the PCRs
  • Support PCNs to integrate PCRs within the PCNs
  • Facilitate PCN and host organisation support through QI approaches where appropriate

Scope includes

  • Work with NHSE teams inc. SP, CC and HWbC mentors and associates to develop a ‘one-team’ approach to support embedding the roles within
  • Work with PCNs, regional teams and system partners to support the workforce development of the PCRs
  • Facilitate monthly regional PCN workshops and events focusing on WD, retention, training, development and supervision needs
  • Work with the NHSE teams inc. mentor and coaches to address rising issues and direct appropriate advice and support
  • Capture and help share best practice
  • Provide bespoke training to support WD

My key experiences include:

  • Organisational Development
  • Operational Management
  • Supporting transformation
  • Developing sustainable services
  • Corporate Governance, HR and recruitment
  • Board Chairing, board reporting and board supporting (all inclusive I.e agendas, minutes, presentations)
  • Workforce planning, development and engagement
  • Operational support
  • being a key member of the team and going over and above
  • PCN Management, Organisational and Business Manager
  • Workforce and staffing forecasting
  • Database refresh and mobilisation
  • Gap analysis, business or service review and health check